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Dr. Jonathan Zimbardo, DC

Dr. Jonathan Zimbardo was born in New York, and raised in the Bronx. At 14 years old while trying to begin bodybuilding, he herniated a disc in his lower back. He was in intense pain and bedridden for weeks.

He went to his family MD, who sent him to the best doctors in NYC. He went to two of the best hospitals and they both recommended surgery as his only hope. He returned to his family doctor very concerned and he recommended a chiropractor, he said “You have nothing to lose.”

He went to this chiropractor and within 5 visits he was feeling better and after a month, he was back on his journey into bodybuilding. Little did he know that this painful situation started him on another path, his quest into Chiropractic. Since he was 14, this is the only profession he has wanted to be a part of and he truly has lived out his dream.

Since then, Dr. Zimbardo graduated from Iona College with a B.S. degree in Biology in 1986. He then went to Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1989. He opened up his practice in Eastchester in 1990. He has taught at Iona college; and went back for post graduate study and has become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, has a Masters Certification in Whiplash Injuries, and has a Diplomate and Fellow in Neurology. All these degrees were sought for him to become the best doctor he can be.

Dr. Zimbardo married his wife Gail in 1993 and has two children, Alexa and Zachary.

Dr. Zimbardo still continues to attend numerous seminars and lectures to further his knowledge and learn how to keep his patients as healthy as he can. He has many colleagues in many professions to aid his patients in all aspects of their health care. He will stop at nothing to try to make his patients well as fast as he can. He completely understands the need for health and provides that care as efficiently and effectively as he can.

Dr. Zimbardo realizes that it is a privilege to treat his patients and he hopes he can help you attain the level of health you deserve.

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